Regenerating Your Encryption Key

To ensure the highest level of security, your ZixMail encryption key is set to expire every ten years. Prior to this expiration date, the Key Regeneration Assistant appears informing you that you must regenerate your encryption key to continue to send and receive ZixMail messages. For more information on the Key Regeneration Assistant, see your ZixMail online help.

To regenerate your encryption key, you must edit your existing ZixMail email address Signature in ZixSignature Manager.

Note: If you are a ZixVPM user who wants to regenerate your ZixVPM email encryption key, see the ZixVPM Server Manager online help for more information. Do not use the procedure below.

To regenerate your encryption key:

  1. In ZixSignature Manager, click Update Status.

    Your email address must be in Active status to proceed.
  2. Select a ZixMail email address from the Email Address list.
  3. Select Actions > Edit Signature from the menu bar.

    The Edit ZixMail Signature page displays.
  4. Select Change Encryption Codes and Signature Phrase, then click Continue.
  5. Enter your current Signature Phrase and click OK.

    If you do not know the correct signature phrase, contact ZixCorp Customer Support at to complete the key regeneration process.
  6. Enter a new Signature Phrase, following the rules listed at the bottom of the page.

    Note: You can use the same Signature Phrase as before, if you choose.
  7. Re-enter the new Signature Phrase.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Select Yes to save a copy of your Signature backup file.

    If you have multiple email addresses for which you need new keys, you should rename this backup file. ZixSignature Manager uses the same filename and location for all backup files.
  10. Click OK.

    The status of the email address is set to New. Within an hour, you are sent an activation email message to this email address.
  11. In the activation email message, click the ACCEPT link to validate your new key.
  12. After the activation process completes, click Update Status in ZixSignature Manager.

    The edited ZixSignature's Status changes from New to Active. You can now send and receive encrypted email messages.