Security Questions

To provide an additional layer of security, Secure Message Center sometimes uses security questions to authenticate you during registration and password resets. You will provide these questions immediately after registering for an account.

Security question responses can:

Be any length
Use alphanumeric characters
Use the following special characters including space: !@#$%^&*()


During registration, you will have to configure security questions for your account. You cannot modify these after you create them, so use answers you will remember.

Note: If you registered from the Register button, you must sign in before seeing the security questions.

After selecting Activate in the Registration Email:

1. Select a question for all available drop-downs.
2. Supply answers for all selected questions.
3. Select Register.

The Secure Message Center opens and displays your email message. You now have access to the Secure Message Center.

Changing Your Password

If you change your password, you must provide the answer to the security question you configured during registration before your password is activated.

After selecting Activate in the Password Activation Email:

1. Enter your previously supplied answer for the displayed question.
2. Select Continue.

You can now sign in and have access to the Secure Message Center.

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