Signing In

If this is your first time to use the Secure Message Center, you must register before signing in. See Registering for more information.

Note: If your organization has enabled OAuth for Google or Microsoft, you can access your account using those credentials. Administrators can enable or disable OAuth in the portal configuration menu. If you have issues signing in with either Microsoft or Google, please ensure any pop-up blockers are disabled.

To sign in to Secure Message Center:

1. Enter your registered Email Address.
2. If you want to view the Secure Message Center in another language, select the language you want from Language.
Note: For more information on using the Language feature, see Specifying Your Language.
3. Enter your Password.
4. Select the Remember Me check box if you want to save your sign in information on this computer.
Note: If you Sign Out, you will have to reenter your email address and password the next time you sign in. If you want your password to be saved, close the browser without using Sign Out.
5. Select Sign In.

If you previously signed in to your account, the date and time of your last account access appears on this screen as a security precaution.

Concurrent Account Activity may display with a toggle. Select the toggle to display a list of all active sessions of the current email account, including when they signed in to the portal and from what IP address.

To sign in to Secure Message Center with an alternate account:

Note: You will only see email sent to the address you used to log in.
1. Select the appropriate logo on the Sign In screen.
2. Log in to your alternate account through the Account Access screen.
3. Select Sign In.

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