Getting Started

Before you can read secure email messages from an organization, you must register your email address and password and possibly activate your password. The organization that sends you the secure email messages can choose to have you pre-register or to register when you receive your first secure email message.


The organization that sends you secure email messages might ask you to pre-register before you receive your first secure email message. This is a courtesy—you can always register when you receive your first secure email message. However, if you wait to register, you cannot read that first message when you are not online.

If you have already registered with the organization, pre-registration lets you change your password. Any messages that have been received before this registration still use the password that was in effect at the time that you received the message. You can always recover the message and use the current password. (see Recover a Message).

*To pre-register

  1. You receive an email message in your regular inbox that explains that the organization will send you secure email messages in the future and would like you to pre-register.

  2. Click on the link in the email.

  3. Your browser opens to the registration page.

  4. Enter your email address in the Email Address field.

  5. Enter the same password in the Password and Verify Password fields.

  6. The password rules are shown at the right of the screen.

  7. Click Register Password.

  8. After the password has been verified, the registration success message displays.

  9. Follow the instructions in the registration success message.  Return to your inbox to activate the password. See Activate your Password.

  10. Close the browser window.

  11. When you receive a secure email message from this organization, use the password you just defined.


The first time you receive a secure email from an organization, you are asked to create a password that is associated with your email address. Registration is quick and easy.

To register for an organization

  1. Open the new message in your inbox, and note that it contains an attachment named SecureMessage.html.

    Your secure message is encrypted within the attachment.

  2. Click the attachment named SecureMessage.html.

  3. If this is the first time you have received a ZixDirect message, a security certificate for the applet needed to decrypt the mail displays. Click Always (Firefox) or Always trust content from this publisher and Run (Internet Explorer) to enable the certificate.

    Note:  Selecting this option allows you to decrypt all ZixDirect messages without seeing the security certificate again.  If you want, you can click Yes (Firefox) and just Run (Internet Explorer) if you want to enable the certificate for this one time only.

  4. Because of the advanced security measures associated with this message, it could take several seconds to display the registration page.  In that case, the following message displays until sufficient processing can be done to continue.

    The Registration page opens in your browser.

  5. Enter a password in the Password box that complies with the rules that are shown on the right.

  6. Verify your password by re-entering it in the Verify Password field.

  7. Click Register Password.

    After the password is verified, the registration success message displays.

  8. Follow the instructions in the registration success message. You will either click read this message or return to your inbox to activate the password. See Activate your Password if you receive the message shown.

Activating Your Password

You might need to activate your password once you have created or changed it. Whether or not you have to activate your password depends on how the sending organization has configured ZixDirect.

*To activate your password

  1. In your inbox, look for a new email with "Password Confirmation" in the subject line.

  2. Open the email. You find two links:

  3. If you click the Activate link, your browser opens the Activation Successful page.

  4. Return to the encrypted email in your inbox and double-click the attachment.

  5. You can now decrypt and encrypt secure messages with your password. See Receive Messages for help.